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Florida Maritime Accident Lawyer

Memorial Day Boating Accident at New Smyrna Beach kills 2 adults and Unborn Child

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Editor: Gabrielle D'Alemberte
Profession: Florida Maritime Attorney

June 02, 2010

By Rod Sullivan

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Category: Boating Accidents

Madison Holley was 19, a 2009 graduate of Deland High School, and was nine months pregnant. Her picture is that of a smiling, fresh-faced, blond cheerleader who had her whole life in front of her. She had already named the infant she was carrying "Carter." All that ended in a boating accident on Memorial Day when her father's boat was run over by another boat directly in front of the New Smyrna Beach Coast Guard Station. Her father was killed in the accident as well.

Preliminary indications are that the boats were following one another. They had slowed to pass through a manatee zone, and were speeding up when the collision occurred. The larger boat, a 25-foot Chaparral, with six aboard, was probably trying to get on plane. It was behind the smaller 18-foot Sundance center console which was carrying seven people. As the Chapparal increased speed its bow likely came out of the water blocking the driver's view. It ran completely over the smaller boat killing C.J. Holley, 46 and Madison, his daughter and her unborn child. Paige Holley, 45, wife and mother of those killed, was injured along with Jennifer Minotti, 14 who was also was hurt

The accident is being investigated by Kevin McKinney of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. A memorial to Madison Holley has been set up by her friends on Facebook. You can read more about the accident in the Daytona Beach News Journal.

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